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Platform Introduction

The Clinical Section (Deep Blue Sea · Zhengzhou) of Leadingpharm has 16 years of experience in clinical research and development. It has a clinical service team with more than 600 highly professional individuals. It includes the Medical Department, Clinical Operation Department, Data Department, Pharmacovigilance Department, Quality Control Committee, Drug Administration Department, Project Management Department, etc. Relying on Leadingpharm CXO Service System, as well as Leadingpharm’s innovative Interactive Clinical Service Model and the establishment of a special government guidance fund, Leadingpharm can provide innovative enterprises with investment and financing at different stages for high-quality projects, and help the rapid promotion of innovative projects. It can direct the design and development of medical scheme based on the clinical data of previous projects. Besides, based on a strong quantitative pharmacology and the IVIVR team, a series of studies can be conducted for specific diseases and specific populations to support the establishment of new models for clinical development of new drugs guided by models, support the scientific innovation of new drug registration, and ultimately improve the efficiency of clinical development of new drugs.

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With the operation and management of "OA+Project Management" Digital Intelligent Cooperation Platform, we took the lead in carrying out research in medical beauty, special medical food, cell and gene therapy drugs and other fields, filling many gaps at home and abroad.